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CONTAINER COMPANY  ESPAÑA GMBH | WE SELL SHIPPING CONTAINERS NATIONWIDE. If you do not see an auction with a container in the area that you need it, email us with the zip code where you want the container delivered to and if you need it delivered on a tilt bed truck that can unload OR on a Flatbed which means that you will have to have a forklift or crane to unload the container.

We have 10s, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 48ft, and 53ft used shipping containers for sale in Spain, Germany, France e.t.c.  They are not as common and not always available but feel free to check with us. We will be glad to review our availability for you. PRICE VARIES ON THE CONTAINER TYPE.

New and Used cargo containers have many uses. Simple and complex homes are being built out of cargo containers. They are also used for warehousing, Construction site storage, Temporary offices, and Fireworks storage.

Multipurpose Shipping Containers For Sale in España 

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Storage An shipping containers

CONTAINER COMPANY GMBH | We sell 10s, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 48ft, and 53ft. They are not as common and not always available but feel free to check with us storage containers for sale Spain. We will be glad to check your availability for you.

We Ship to all Parts of Europe.

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used storage containers for sale in Seville spain

When you buy a specialty container, the possibilities are endless! This unique configuration of an open-side container is highly versatile and perfect for any number of storage needs. Twice the length, twice the doors. These specialty shipping containers come with standard cargo doors on each small (8ft wide) end of the container.


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Storage An shipping containers

No holes or cracks
All weld lines intact
Doors open and close properly
Closing devices function properly
All adhesive labels from prior cargoes removed
Stanchions, lashing belts, and roof bows present and fitted
Internal container checklist


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portable storage containers for sale in Europe

CONTAINER COMPANY GMBH | The container is watertight (close doors and look for any light entering)
All weld lines intact
No evidence of water leaks or moisture damage
Clean and odorless
No nails or protruding surfaces that could damage cargo


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ocean containers for sale

CONTAINER COMPANY GMBH | 10ft, 20ft, 30ft , 40 & 50ft Containers Available for shipping all over Europe. They are all solid wind & Watertight, CSC plated, and available in the following types: Standard or General purpose Container, Side Opening, High Cube, Tunnel, or Double Door shipping container with an open top. All with multiple air vents. With inventory stretching from coast to coast and delivery available in all major cities


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10ft refrigerated shipping container for sale

Refrigerated container

In Stock
We have a variety of reefer units for sale that are perfect for both seasonal or permanent refrigerated storage of your products. 

These insulated, used reefer units sit at ground level for easy access and are manufactured with the highest standards to withstand the harshest environments. 

Our portable refrigerated containers can be shipped nationwide via flatbed for easy unloading at your location.


CONTAINER COMPANY GMBH | We have portable  refrigeration units providing a great solution to a variety of industries such as breweries, florists, restaurants, food pantries, meat, and seafood processors/distributors, fruit and vegetable growers, 

taxidermists, deer, game processors, cheap shipping containers for sale Madrid Spain, event catering, fairs, and many other industries may require cold storage space. 

shipping containers for sale in el paso
20ft shipping container for sale

Used & NEW Shipping containerS IN EUROPE

This two-level structure is made of numerous shipping containers and incorporates an outdoor area that takes advantage of container overhangs.

Many of the walls have been removed from the cargo boxes, but there are still numerous nooks and crannies to make the space feel open but not overwhelming. 

Heavy Duty

Maximize any extra outdoor space you may have with cold storage solutions. These portable refrigeration units can also be installed indoors with easy-to-access lockable doors and heavy duty forklift rated floors.